Granator Film production house. Who we are?

Over the past years, our commitment and creativity have been appreciated by many clients, including Amica, IKEA Småland, Škoda, Steinhauser, Trobolo, Hayne, TVP, Perlita Jewelery, and Verseo. We proudly boast the realization of more than 200 productions, broadcast both online and on television. Our projects are awarded at prestigious festivals in Poland and around the world.

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We are a production house, engaged in the production of commercials, feature films, documentaries, short films and television programs (more than 200 productions throughout Europe) - broadcast both online and on television. We are a member of the National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers.

"great team! great cooperation! a well-connected team of professionals with whom you can do the most demanding projects."
"We are pleased to recommend Granator Film as a partner in projects. Cooperation with them is a guarantee of quality in every aspect of film production. Professional, creative and committed."
"super communication, punctuality, openness to cooperation (and adapting the concept to the budget), great commitment, and most importantly: the final results at the highest level!"

Film production agency - our film mission

Granator Film emphasizes not only excellence in filmmaking, but also perfection in the smallest details, going beyond the production itself. Our approach to business is holistic - we create images that are visually thoughtful, but also effective in a business context. We help our clients sell and build brand image through well-told stories. We believe that the real power is in advertising that makes an impression and allows you to reach potential customers. To achieve this, our production house Granator Film presents our clients' products and services in a way that impresses with style and quality.

Film Studio - our qualified team

Thanks to our team's competence and extensive experience, we are able to take on the most demanding projects, completing them with the utmost care. This is not only due to our technical or artistic knowledge, but also to the in-depth knowledge of the film industry that we have gained over the years. We know this world inside out - we understand the processes, the rules, the dynamics of the market, and how to transform creative ideas into satisfying results.

Granator Film is all about people. Our experts are professionals who have gained experience and developed unconventional taste while studying at prestigious film schools such as FAMU in Prague, Lodz Film School, Krzysztof Kieslowski Film School and Warsaw Film School.

Thanks to them, Granator Film clients do not have to worry about any aspect of production. We guarantee the highest quality work, carefully prepare the script and locations, and provide full artistic supervision of the project. This, combined with the best equipment, will allow us to provide our clients' audiences and business audiences with an unforgettable experience.

Our team is not only talented filmmakers, but also strategists who are eager to work with clients at every stage of the process - from concept to final realization. This makes even the most prestigious, difficult and demanding projects possible for us. We pay special attention to understanding and interpreting our clients' visions, creating films, advertising spots and other video formats that exceed expectations. At the same time, we stay true to the original intent and purpose of the production.

Our experience and competence are the foundation on which clients of the Granator Film production house can realize unique and significant productions in the world of film or advertising.

We invite you to cooperate with our Video Agency

We are open to new projects and ideas, both artistic and commercial. If you are interested in working with our production house, you can send your scripts or concepts to our email inbox:

We guarantee creations refined to the smallest detail, fast turnaround time and a substantive, fully professional approach.