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Puppets film production with Granator Film

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We are a production house, engaged in the production of commercials, feature films, documentaries, short films and television programs (more than 200 productions throughout Europe) - broadcast both online and on television. We are a member of the National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers.

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Step into a world where imagination meets innovation with Granator Film, a pioneer in the art of puppetry TV series production in Poland. Renowned as industry leaders, we pride ourselves on blending storytelling and puppetry to create visually compelling narratives that leave a lasting impression.As you explore the possibilities of puppetry in video production with us, rest assured that every frame crafted by us tells a unique and captivating story. This ensures an immersive experience that transcends conventional storytelling boundaries.

Puppets film production – our services

We are dedicated storytellers who breathe life into characters with every movement. We offer wide range of services as subcontractors for external companies. Our services include:
* organizing sets with puppets;
* designing set for TV series production;
* rental of stunning locations or studios for your stories;
* hiring professional puppeteers and entire film crew;
* preparation of puppets of various types.
Whether undertaking commercial or artistic projects, we approach each production with the same unwavering commitment to quality. We excel as puppets film production company in Poland in all types of projects.

Versatility in puppets film production

Our strength as TV series producer lies in our versatility in puppetry techniques. From finger-controlled puppets applied to an actor's hand to marionettes manipulated from above with threads and wires, we boast a repertoire that knows no bounds.Services we offer extend to javajki, a unique form of puppetry animated from below, utilizing both the animator's hand and wires. We also have expertise in puppets moved solely from below and the enchanting art of shadow theatre, where puppets come to life through skilful manipulation, creating mesmerizing visual narratives

Puppet film producer with experience

Granator Film stands at the forefront of puppet film production, transforming visions into captivating visual stories. With portfolio that includes projects such as “Queen Leocadia” and “Time Travellers Club,” we take pride in our position as leaders in the industry in Poland.In the landscape of puppet film production in Poland, Granator Film stands as a testament to innovation and excellence. We continue to redefine the possibilities of puppetry in TV series production, and we invite you to be a part of our legacy—a legacy crafted with puppets, artist’s hands and wires.

Puppet film producer from Poland

Step into a world where imagination meets innovation with Granator Film. While our roots are planted in Poland, our influence extends globally, collaborating with clients and partners around the world.With a comprehensive approach to projects, we operate across Poland and boast a rich portfolio of over 200 television productions broadcasted throughout Europe. As proud members of the Polish National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers (KIPA), we bring innovation and excellence to the forefront of the puppets film production in Poland.

Elevate your puppet story with Granator Film

Ready to bring your story to life? Reach out to us now! Join our team of puppetry specialists, dedicated to bringing your artistic vision into professional TV series. Whether commercial or artistic, our commitment to excellence ensures your project stands out. Experience the innovation, versatility, and global influence of Granator Film—where puppetry brilliance knows no boundaries.Let our expertise transform your ideas into narratives, captivating audiences across the world. At Granator Film, we believe in the power of puppetry to not only entertain but also leave a lasting impact, making your project a success in the dynamic landscape of film and TV series production.