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We are a production house providing service for agencies and other production houses from all over the world. We carry out productions all over Poland and take care of projects in a comprehensive way. We have experience in more than 200 television productions with broadcasting throughout Europe. We are a member of the Polish National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers - KIPA.

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Granator Film

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Granator Film

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,,As a proof of our long and fruitful cooperation, we confirm thatGranator Film company is an excellent example of professionalism and committed".

Musical Theatre of Poznań
,,Granator company has shown its professionalism,operability, sensitivity and openness to the client's expectations and flexibility.The result is films of a quality that deserves high praise".

Medical University
,,The cooperation was fruitful and rewarding. Your professionalism and understanding of our goals and the University's values played a key role in the success of the project".

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We offer support right from the stage of organizing the event and establishing the concept.


The most important thing for us is the style and aesthetics of the image.


We make recordings in your city

How do you get a stylish video of your event that isn't boring and typical?

We will create a stylish video of your event that avoids conventionality and boredom through careful planning and creative choices. The key to success is a deep understanding of your goals and event, which allows us to identify unique and emotionally engaging moments. We focus on high quality in cinematography, sound and editing to create a film that aesthetically captures the viewer's attention. In addition, the choice of appropriate music and attention to the narrative and pace of the film will influence its style and originality. We always include personalization elements, such as interviews or comments from participants, to add depth and authenticity to the film.

A video of your event suitable for promotion for the next edition of the event?

During production, we pay attention to elements that will inspire and encourage participants to attend future editions of the event. When promoting the film, we use formats for publication on various channels, such as the website, social media and emailing, to reach potential participants of the event.

Hire a professional film studio that has experience in creating attractive event films. We carefully create shots, taking care of image and sound quality, and experiment with various filming techniques to give the film a unique character.

Our guarantee:

Choose a company that has the right experience, creativity and professionalism to ensure that your event video is of high quality and meets your expectations.

Our package:

Achieve more benefits with one production! We create advertising spots and marketing videos for your clients, plus provide special formats tailored for social media, such as Social Media, TikTok and Youtube Shorts

Our event videos are well-told stories that you can and want to return to. Original reportages and short clips not only commemorate the most important moments of the event, but also have promotional value. We approach both the recording of conferences or large industry trade shows and intimate theatrical performances with the same commitment and professionalism.

What kind of materials do we realize?

We create high-quality event videos documenting various events. In particular, we specialize in:
* filming cultural events, such as theatrical performances, concerts, vernissages and finissages,
* video reports from film, music and literary festivals,
* filming conferences and symposiums,
* recording industry events, such as trade fairs and debates,
* recording training courses for employees and events for contractors.
We make professional after movies, both from mass events and intimate ones. We always take into account the goals and expectations of the client. Our team is able to offer professional solutions to make the event film more than just an interesting souvenir of the event.

Why invest in event videos?

Video after movie is a form of promotion appreciated by companies and institutions around the world. A film summary of the event can be used in various communication channels. A professional, interesting and emotionally acting video of the event can convey more in a concise form than the best written report. Regardless of the industry, the participation of a company or institution in various symposiums, conventions, conferences or trade fairs is an important marketing activity and requires a lot of commitment. Videos from such an event can be used in a portfolio, posted on a website or social media. This builds the image of a leader, an expert and a modern company.Video coverage of an important event can also be a practical form of presenting the company at subsequent industry events. What's more, a video promoting a product or service can be edited from several event videos in the future.A good move is to record events of a cyclical nature. This is a form of encouraging participation in future editions. Participants are eager to brag about recording a conference or festival they attended. This gives the video of the event a chance to reach a wide audience, who may potentially be interested in participating in the next edition of the event. Event filming is an effective and inexpensive form of promotion.

We specialize in recording cultural and corporate events

Our team is made up of people who are highly committed and sensitive to the topics of culture and art. They like unorthodox, original solutions that are long in the memory of the audience. We know that event recordings are more than a well-edited sequence of events. Our productions work on the senses and, consequently, move emotions. We want the viewer watching the video of the event to feel as if he or she were at the very center of the events.As specialists in corporate video production, we have produced hundreds of spots for clients in various industries. Using this experience, we create recordings of training courses, trade fairs and other business events, which not only document the events, but are also a showcase for the company.

What characterizes our event recordings?

Whether it's a concert, an industry trade show, a webinar recording, or a video of a scientific conference: we always strive to ensure that our videos capture the meaning and atmosphere of the event, and stand out for their creativity, originality and artistry. To get the best results, we offer our clients support right from the stage of organizing the event.Event filming includes both longer event videos (reportages) and short clips. We create videos tailored for distribution in various media.

We film events in Warsaw and Poznan, where our headquarters are located, but we are mobile - we will make recordings anywhere. We invite you to cooperate with us.


What services do you offer for international agencies looking to produce projects in Poland?

We offer comprehensive production services, including location scouting, casting, equipment rental, transportation, permits, crew coordination, and more to ensure a smooth production process in Poland.

Can you assist with finding unique and diverse locations in Poland?

Absolutely! Poland boasts a wide range of stunning locations, and we have access to a variety of settings, from historical cities to natural landscapes and more.

What languages are spoken within your team to facilitate international communication?

Our team is multilingual, ensuring that there are no language barriers. We can communicate with clients in English, Polish, and other languages as needed.

How do you handle the legal and regulatory aspects of production in Poland?

We take care of all necessary permits and ensure compliance with local regulations, making the production process as smooth as possible for our clients.

Can you help with creative input and ideas for our project?

Yes, we're more than just production coordinators. Our creative professionals can offer innovative ideas and collaborate to enhance your project creatively.

Jak wygląda proces produkcji wideo od pomysłu do realizacji i proces współpracy z Wami?

Na samym początku staramy się jak najlepiej poznać potrzeby klienta, aby móc zaproponować najsensowniejsze rozwiązania. Nasz copywriter przygotuje koncepcję i pełen scenariusz, który po akceptacji zostaje skierowany do produkcji. Po nagraniach, wykonujemy kompleksową postprodukcję wraz z montażem i oddajemy klientowi gotowy film, lub pakiet filmów

Czy możliwe są poprawki w procesie postprodukcji?

Tak, standardowo wykonujemy dwie sesje poprawkowe dla klienta w cenie..

Ile kosztuje sekunda filmu reklamowego?

Tworzymy rozwiązania szyte na miarę projektu i potrzeb klienta. Nie kierujemy się sztywnym cennikiem.

Czy oferujecie usługi, takie jak tworzenie scenariuszy, storyboardów lub dystrybucja?


Czy oferujecie pomoc w marketingu wideo i strategiach promocyjnych?


Do you offer services for both small and large-scale productions?

Yes, our services are adaptable and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and scale of your production, whether it's a small photoshoot or a large-scale film.

How do you ensure the safety of the production crew and equipment?

Safety is our top priority. We have safety protocols in place and work with reliable partners to ensure a secure and risk-free production environment.

What is the typical timeline for organizing a production in Poland?

The timeline can vary depending on the project's complexity, but we aim to work efficiently to meet your deadlines and ensure timely deliveries.

How can I get started with your services?

To begin working with us, simply reach out to our team via email or phone. We'll schedule an initial consultation to discuss your project and create a customized plan to meet your production needs in Poland.

How do you ensure that the production stays within budget?

We leverage our local network and knowledge to provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. We work closely with clients to create a budget that aligns with their goals.