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✓ Preliminary free concept
Personalized script for the film
✓ Assistance in adjusting the publishing strategy
✓ Offer for implementation tailored to the budget
Comprehensive production of the project

✓ Advertising spots for TV and the Internet
✓ Image films, product films
✓ Testimonials, Interviews
✓ Training films, instructional films
✓ Videos of events
✓ Animations

✓ less than 10 thousand PLN net
✓ 10 - 20 thousand PLN net
✓ 30 - 50 thousand PLN net
✓ more than 50 thousand PLN net.


Create a Viral Video for Your Business

The commercial we created with Granator Film has almost 1 million views on Youtube!
Maciej Popiołek (CMO)
Verseo Sp. z o.o.

Improve the visibility of your brand

With Granator Film, we have significantly improved our visibility in our key markets.
Jakub Kuchtar (CMO)
Meble Bogart Sp. z o.o.

Work with the best

Great communication, execution of concepts on time and within budget, and great dedication!
Arieta Prusak (CEO)
Moxie Agencja Kreatywna Sp. z o.o.

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400 realized projects

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Our videos receive positive quality indicators given by Meta Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Youtube Ads algorithms, making campaigns using them rewarded with cheaper ad costs.
✓ Lower cost per click
✓ Higher click-through rate
✓ Total impressions rate.

Create a good video with expert post-production.

Professional post-production plays a key role in the filmmaking process, so we pay a lot of attention to it. This is the stage when a coherent, attractive story is created from snippets of footage. A whole team of specialists works on its dynamics, aesthetics and mood, thanks to which the film, whether feature or corporate, can be released for distribution.

Video editing is best outsourced to professionals

It's hard to imagine today's media market without video content. Online videos attract more than three times as much traffic as other forms of content marketing. At a time when we are flooded from all sides with audio-visual materials based on similar schemes, the attention and trust of the viewer can only be won through technically refined high-quality content. A good idea, script and footage are only half the battle. Equally important is professional post-production, especially video editing. Success is therefore largely determined by what is created in the privacy of the editing room. By outsourcing this task to professionals, you can be sure that the story you want the video to convey will be shown in a clear and interesting way. Good video editing affects the impact of the video. It will make it evoke specific emotions in the viewer.Specialists are able to remove glitches and distortions from the footage that could harm the perception of the video. They will take care of aesthetic consistency and synchronization of sound and image, which increases the realism of the work. A professional video editing studio applies very strict quality controls, so that the final product is free of shortcomings.If professionals are bent on the processing of the video, you can be guaranteed that it will not be another schematic video, of which there are plenty everywhere. In the post-production process, in addition to the video editor, a team of other experts, who stand out not only for their experience and academic knowledge, but also for their aesthetic sensitivity, work on the footage. They consult ideas among themselves on an ongoing basis, which promotes efficient management of time, budget and a better understanding of the project's vision. They are able to propose creative and impactful solutions for the viewer.

What does the team do from video editing?

In addition to film editing, post-production consists of several elements that play an important role in shaping the final result.
* work on sound: among other things. adding dialogues, synchronization of sound with image, sound editing,
* color correction: is the processing of the film by adjusting the color tone, brightness or color temperature,
* image correction: includes any visual corrections to the footage, such as noise reduction or sharpness improvement,
* adding special effects,
* adding titles and subtitles,
* tests and reviews,
the purpose of which is to evaluate the film before distribution.Professional post-production therefore requires the work of a qualified team, including, among others, an editor, sound specialist, special effects designer or colorist. The participation of individual filmmakers depends on the specifics and needs of the project. The possibilities of modern post-production make it possible to realize even the most advanced projects. One of the techniques worth noting is motion capture. It involves the creation of virtual characters that move very realistically, thanks to the digital processing of the actor's movement into the language of animation.

Why should you entrust us with your recordings?

We approach each project individually and with great commitment. We work on modern equipment and software. We have access to a large database of the highest quality licensed stock footage, which guarantees us great freedom in the implementation of ideas, such as the selection of music that perfectly fits into the concept of the film.We treat video editing not only as a purely technical challenge, but above all as an artistic one. We derive satisfaction from working on raw footage and transforming it into a coherent image with great expressive power.We strongly focus on the visual layer. We perform color correction to unify the material when the footage was shot at different times and in varying lighting. We specialize in color grading. This is an advanced process of color correction, which gives the film a certain visual style. In our realizations we prove that the color layer does not have to be just the background of the film story. It can become a "narrator" that puts the viewer in the right mood, and suggests what to pay attention to.Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience in film post-production. Among other things, we process feature films, documentaries and short films. We assist in the conception of promotional spots for broadcasting in various communication channels. We work remotely and efficiently. We listen attentively to the client's expectations and provide advice on the distribution and possible use of the finished video.

The cost of professional film processing

It is difficult to answer the question of how much it costs to edit a video on YT, and how much to pay for a corporate video. Post-production pricing depends on many variables. The quality of the source materials we receive from the client is important. If they require a lot of revisions, this can affect the higher pricing. Equally important are the complexity and time-consuming nature of the editing and the Client's expectations regarding special effects. Not without significance is also the length of the material, which must be leaned on by a group of specialists.Therefore, we price each implementation individually during a free online consultation. We always adjust the cost estimate to the capabilities of our clients. We are looking for such solutions that will fit into the budget, and at the same time allow to achieve a satisfactory post-production effect.