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We are a production house, engaged in the production of commercials, feature films, documentaries, short films and television programs (more than 200 productions throughout Europe) - broadcast both online and on television. We are a member of the National Chamber of Audiovisual Producers.

"great team! great cooperation! a well-connected team of professionals with whom you can do the most demanding projects."
"We are pleased to recommend Granator Film as a partner in projects. Cooperation with them is a guarantee of quality in every aspect of film production. Professional, creative and committed"
"super communication, punctuality, openness to cooperation (and adapting the concept to the budget), great commitment, and most importantly: the final results at the highest level!"


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If you're a business owner aiming to boost brand visibility and drive sales, delve into the transformative realm of professional video production. In this article, we uncover the significance of leveraging production services with Granator in locations like Warsaw or Poznań.

The Impact of Video Marketing on Your Brand

Advertising videos are highly effective tools in business promotion. They allow:
* Swift connection with broad audiences.
* Effective tools in business promotion.
* Adaptability for various social media platforms.
Videos on social media are crucial for promoting your business and driving sales. Whether short, viral videos on TikTok or longer ones on YouTube, clients are waiting to discover you. Granator excels in understanding and meeting the unique demands of social media

Elevating Your Brand through Video Production

Choosing the right production house is crucial to enhancing your brand's voice through video production. If you are looking for a video production house from Poland, Granator is your best partner.Location is decisive in video production, and we take pride in guiding you through the rich landscapes of Warsaw and Poznań. These lively cities not only provide beautiful scenery but also inspire distinctive storytelling. Our careful approach guarantees your production embraces the spirit of these places, creating an engaging experience that truly connects with your audience – and your brand.

Connecting Globally, Producing Locally – Crafting International Productions with Granator

Choosing Granator as your producer in Poland opens the door to a vast network of industry professionals and abundant resources. We bridge the gap between your international vision and the unique local nuances of Warsaw and Poznań, ensuring your production represents the best of both worlds.If you are a production house or video company looking to venture into Poland, Granator is your dedicated partner. Our goal is to facilitate a smooth and successful production experience that aligns with your global objectives. Whether you're a seasoned agency or a smaller production company, Granator brings cultural sensitivity and local insights into play, ensuring that your project resonates authentically with your audience.

Support for Agencies and Production Houses

With Granator as your partner, you can focus solely on your creative vision while we handle the operational details. We offer you:
Location expertise: Granator scouts ideal locations aligned with your creative vision, setting the stage for a visually compelling production.
Skilled crew assembly: we simplify the process of building a dedicated and skilled crew, ensuring efficient collaboration for smaller companies.
Casting excellence: Granator takes charge of casting, securing talented actors and models perfectly suited to bring your vision to life.
Logistical ease: we handle logistics seamlessly – permits, transportation, and all the details that ensure a stress-free production.
Personalized solutions: recognizing uniqueness, Granator offers tailored solutions, providing small companies with the support needed to focus on their creative endeavours.Whether you're a large corporation or a budding enterprise, Granator is here for you. We are ready to assist your company in achieving its creative goals, no matter the size or experience.

Holistic Executive Producer for Production Houses

Granator distinguishes itself not only for creative flair but also for its robust project management capabilities. We specialize in tailoring solutions to meet the unique needs of every project, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow from the initial stages of pre-production to the final touches in post-production.From tackling logistical challenges to ensuring seamless team coordination, our practical approach ensures every project aspect is effectively managed for overall success. Granator's commitment to excellence is grounded in a pragmatic mindset, making us the go-to choice for those seeking a practical and results-driven project management solution.

Granator: Your Video Production Partner in Poland

In the vast world of video production, Granator is more than a service – we're your trusted ally. Whether you're into video marketing, searching for a video company, or exploring film production in Warsaw, Poznań, or even Berlin, Granator tailors its services to bring your creative vision to life.From location scouting to efficient project management, we ensure a seamless, stress-free experience. Choose Granator for straightforward, results-driven video production that suits your unique needs. Make us your go-to partner for turning your creative aspirations into compelling realities in the heart of Poland.